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Burton Meats Expresss

Value, Trust & Service since 1998.

Over the last 25 years, we've gained the trust of our customers due to our high standards in fresh, quality meat selections, specialty meats and personalized service.


In our journey, we've encountered various chefs and restaurants come to us to supply their ingredients. So, we decided create a new service that will give the same level of attention to the businesses we serve as we do our customers at the meat counter. Custom cuts, fresh picks, specialty selections, wholesale prices & free delivery.

This is how Burton Meats Express was born.

This service is dedicated to serving restaurants, food trucks and independent cooks custom cuts of our top quality meat to save your business time and money. Sourcing, cutting & prepping meat for your unique servings can be time consuming and labor intensive; spend your time doing what you do best and we will take care of the rest.

Value Added:

  • Custom ordering sheet to streamline orders & add to your documentation

  • Custom Orders. Every customer is different.

  • Wholesale pricing on our best meat selections

  • Save time sourcing and prepping

  • Reduce Labor Costs

  • Free Delivery

  • Open 7 days a week to meet your demands

Step 1: Introduction

Introductory meeting with Account Manager to share product/price list



Every restaurant is different and we've experienced many custom requests. I'm sure we will get it right!

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Step 3: Submit

  • Your Sales Rep will be in touch. Submit your order via Call or Text to your Sales Rep

Image by Michael Fousert

Delivery: Tuesday & Friday

  • Submit your order on Monday for Tuesday Delivery

  • Submit your order on Thursdays for Friday Delivery

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Step 2: Specifics

This step is the most important. Let's get very detailed about how you want your product. Volume, size, seasoned, fajita style, taco bits, steaks, thickness, etc. You will have access to our Lead Butcher to understand your specific needs. (Example: Fajita Style, 1.25 Inch Cut)

Image by Nicholas Grande

We make custom product lists for every customer if you don't already have an ordering file. We like to make things as seamless as possible.

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Step 4: Receive

Pick Up in-store or receive your order upon delivery and submit your feedback so that we can adjust quickly until satisfied.

Delivery is scheduled for Tuesdays & Fridays between 11am-1pm

Image by Tristan Frank

We strive to exceed your expectations in freshness and quality meat supply so we truly care about our partnerships. Lets work together!

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