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Freshness & Quality Since 1998

Frescura y Calida

Las mejores carnes y selecciones de productos para nuestra comunidad y las familias a las que servimos. Nos esforzamos por su bienestar comensando en la mesa.

Burton Meat Farm is a Grand Rapids Specialty Grocery Store, specialized in the Latin American market. Taking it back to 1998, Eduardo Madera, an Agriculture Expert and Professional Butcher from the Dominican Republic, and his wife Rosa Madera; stepped up to the plate to take on the challenge of streamlining the plethora of latino markets across West Michigan and bringing a superior grocery market right here in Grand Rapids, MI.


The mission was simple: Provide the highest quality meats & produce, always fresh with unmatched affordability and customer service. Freshness & Quality will never have to be compromised again.


Family owned & operated for 20 years allows us to still provide the same personal customer service ever since we opened doors. All of your homes grocery items can be found in our selective departments - plus specialty items from Latin America and around the world.

A few shopping tips:

  • Arrive between 10:45am-11:45am Thursday through Sunday for Prepared Foods fresh out of the kitchen

  • Empanadas are one of Burton Meat Farm's most popular prepared foods. Our empanada extraordinaire, Nubia, makes the most delicious beef, chicken & cheese empanadas daily!

  • Oh yeah, now we have Kipe in the heated display. 1st tray at the top ;)

  • Yes. You can go inside of the cooler with all the beverages. You're our neighbor so feel at home.

  • Fresh Produce arrives on Wednesdays between 12pm-3pm. There's something so appealing about fresh produce.

  • Ask any employee around the store for an item you don't see, an item from your country or a specialty item. We will work diligently to quickly find it's location in the store or we will work with our vendors acquire the requested product.

  • The Meat department has had 1 manager in 20 years. It's the owner, Eduardo. That is why Meat quality at Burton Meat Farm is unmatched. Request your personal cuts every time or pick from our packaged meat displays . We carry USDA Choice, USDA Prime Beefs and specialty meats like Ox Tail, Whole Goats, Arrachera, Whole Pigs and Local Cattle farmed in Grant, MI once a year to bring you natural and hormone free beef.

  • FRESH LUNCH. We serve lunches for 6.49 + Taxes Thursday - Sunday starting at 10:30AM. First come, First serve. 

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